Why is fitness important for you?

Health and beauty.

The main life values for everyone.

The main anti-stress mean.

It’s proved that fitness club-going is an efficient and good way to relax and distress. It works better than any doping.

Delicate shape improvement.

Anyone can either work off excess weight or gain desired muscle bulk safely, effectively and fast.

Sex drive increase.

Keep-fit is proved to increase sexual activity.

Efficient follow-up care.

Delicate illness recovery.

Meeting people.

Become acquainted with positive, fitness–minded and ambitious people.

Overcoming inner difficulties.

Fitness helps to defeat weaknesses and complexes which are the worst enemies inside us and therefore makes us more confident and successful.

Everything for you.

Enjoy the opportunity to forget your problems, other people’s wishes and expectations and do something only for yourselves.

Why are we recognized:


Gyms, changing rooms, shower cabins and toilets are scrupulously neat.

Fresh air!

It’s always cool and fresh due to powerful built-in air interchanger.

No queues!

Gain advantages of club system of attendances control.


Our coaches are responsible for a guaranteed result of your efforts.


Training devices of high quality, produced by SportsArt Fitness are the best in our city. We provide with the widest range of weight-lifting devices and cardio – training devices.


Your personal belongings are secure, your car is always in sight on the comfortable and capacious parking area nearby the club.


There are not any basements , or walls, just a lot of space and view of the city from above through large panoramic windows. (35%of glazing)

Convenience of payment!

Flexible system of payment including discounts and variety of tariffs.


Trainings were never so pleasant before.


Our clients are successful and positive people, so join the team of active and wealthy people!

Positive and essential facts:

Working hours:
Monday-Saturday 8.00 - 21.00,
Sunday - day off
Training towel, shower gels and sauna are always at your service.
Any method of payment is available – cash, transfer or credit cards.
Comfortable and roomy lockers, heat insulated floor during cold seasons.
Coolers with water, excellent sound and motivating video on large screens.
Lounge zone with fresheners and flavorous tea.

transport map and contacts

phone +7 (7232) 255-715

mobile +7-777-267-44-33

The Republic of Kazakhstan EKR, Ust-Kamenogorsk Auezov ave 1/1